17th August 2017


Why we need to change the school system  


If you look at this phone from 100 years ago and this phone from today

And  this car from 100 years ago and a car from today

There is a big difference right

Yet you compare a class  from 100 years ago to a class today they are the same

Thats Weird , in 100 years i believe nothing much has changed in education system


A phone can update yet why can’t the schooling system ?

I thought School was meant to educate us for the future but I  believe the schooling system is educating us for the past ,times have changed so why can’t the school ?.What is with this  one-size-fits-all rubbish grading us like  clothing  when no two brain are  alike this is  scientifically proven , so why do we have one teacher for a class of 20 to 30 students ,because all students have different strength and weaknesses that teachers try to cater for  all , but with a big class this is hard to do.


We are told we can be anything yet school  degrades us by our  grade on our  school paper an E but what does this E mean?,when u dont get and E and get a NA you are judge by other peers because you are not “concerned smart”  but what does smart mean ? albert einstein once said “everybody is a genius “.

But theses standard test are degrading, the man Frederick  J.kelly  who invented standardized testing said “theses test are to crude and should not be used “ so why are we using them ?that doesn’t make any  sense .I believe no one is slow you just need to figure out your own learning style and use it to your advantage .


Point one

There are many types of learning styles such as visual,auditory, reading/writing preference and kinesthetic.

Me myself  I believe I’m an auditory I learn better when I am told what to do and remember the information by listening .


What is  auditory learning ? ,  “Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns through listening. An auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning.”


‘ What is visual learning ? “Visual learning is a style in which a learner utilizes graphs, charts, maps and diagrams”.


What is another type of learning  kinesthetic ‘“Kinesthetic learning  is also known as tactile learning this learning style which takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations”.

There are  many tests you can do online and i believe theses should be used used when a student first starts school this could be very beneficial for all students being placed in a class with other  students that have similar learning styles this way the teacher could cater all learning styles and help students learn better .

The teachers should also take the test to see what they’re learning style is.This way they can teach the students with the same learning style as them

this test should be taken every year and should be taken  seriously as this could help the students with their learning because one size doesn’t  fit all


Point 2

Teacher should  get payed as much as doctors because they  are just important

Doctors can cure  a human’s sickness or fix a child’s heart  but a great teacher can touch a kids heart and change their life completely this is why i say teacher should get payed more than    just minimum wage throughout all countries they teach us for the future and keep the cycle going if we didn’t have teachers we would never learn how to read  ,write or even spelling the basic things that is now just second nature to most students .we should give teachers more respect and pay them more than minimum wage


Point 3

The school system should bring up and praise our creativity , Well that’s what i thought school was for yet those teachers that are meant to help us find our creatively and help us find what we are gifted at are given a teaching outline

We should give them a more creative and independent  teaching outline  because teachers keep the system going and are meant to teach us the skills for jobs yet the school system can’t update , i’m not blaming the teacher i’m blaming national qualifications authority   they haven’t taught a day in their life  yet they set and outline on what they the teachers in nz have to teacher in a year they don’t say the teachers have to teacher in a certain way but because of what they have to teach in the year   the teachers end up teaching in a “one size fits all” teaching style  .If the nzqa changed some of the circulation that had to be taught in the year they could make some room for more  collaboration  work and bring in different teaching styles this could help many students with their work  


Point 4

If you look at the education  system in finland, a country that  is internationally ranked top

For their education system and has topped most  education list since the year 2000 is a country we should be like aim to be like ,maybe if we were more like their education ,this could help students and make them want to come to school not see it as a place they dread .in finland the have less school hours , homework is none  organist teachers make a decent waged and you  don’t start school till they are the age of 7 they work on collaboration rather than thinking of each other as competition .finland can realizes there needs to be a change in the education system why can’t the rest of the world

In 2015 internally finland did rank 6th in the pisa test  what is pisa it is an international student assessment ,  by the organisation for economic co-operation and development also known as the oecd .the pisa test is used on 15 year old pupils testing their knowledge on mathematics ,science literacy and reading  with most countries in east asia dominated the list in 2015 pisa test is countries we should be striving to be like  finland is trying its best to changing the worlds  out look on the education so why is nobody seeing there needs to be a change


Point 5

We should need to see  more technology in schools ,because we are seeing more  technology used by all  teens and young children ,teaches are not needing to teach many children how to use computers because a good percentage already know how . using technology would be beneficial , in many ways , it can be beneficial not only to students but to teaches ,teaches can have students open a doc and have students share their work to see how students are going or teachers can share information about the next assessment rather than printing out the information that students may lose the next day  

Students can also use the web to search up information for projects or internals .we can save more trees if we used technology rather than useless textbooks in school

Theses are  just a few reason why we should see more technology used in school .



Students may be 20 % of the population of the world but students are  100% of the future .I believe education  system must be changed because modern day schooling  is  killing creative and individually of students no wonder so many drop out .theses skills the school are teaching us  many are not useful for the future of the world and   i believe the world is forever changing and the future of this  world wants more creative and  innovative people to change and progress the world ,educate for the future not the past


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