17th August 2017

significant connections

Rabbit-proof fence


In the film” rabbit-proof fence” by Phillip Noyce, Molly shows us that to survive you need to use the resources in your environment  to assist your survival  

Molly, her sister and her cousin have just been abducted by constable Riggs and are at Moore river when Molly takes the lead and makes a decision to leave Moore river but her cousin disagrees with her, in this scenes we can see the effects that the decision they make has on there selfs, not every decision is the right one but they have to take risk to make it home.Their attitude can have a big turn on whether they make it back to Jialong or not.

This  aspect is shown throughout the film that having  a negative attitude can affect whether you survive or not  this is shown by Gracie throughout the film but the first time is when they are about to run away from Moore river and Gracie say” we’re not going, are we daisy” which shows Gracie is trying to get daisy to stay.Another dialogue from Gracie is” we like it here” the truth is she doesn’t like it there she just has no courage and has doubt they are gonna get caught from the tracker and doesn’t wanna be put in the boob.Another time this is shown is when Gracie doesn’t listen to Molly, they meet a half cast aboriginal man and he gives them food he tells Gracie that her mother is at (………..)  Gracie believes this man and goes to the train station she waits for the train to catch it to Meeka where her mother is. Molly understands that the man was lying and goes back to get Gracie at the train station because she doesn’t wanna get caught so her  and Daisy hide behind an old pile of wood when she  whistles at Gracie and then Gracie walks onto the tracks and looks both ways then smiles but it is too late.A police officer in a car and another aboriginal man on a bike come around the corner,gracie starts running but they catch her.When he puts her in the car there is a medium eye level point of view used to show that it’s like  the start again when they are first taken from Moore river.Having a negative attitude can affect whether you survive or not, Gracie is a great example for this because she didn’t make it home but her cousins did.


“We are going home “An  aspect of the film  having a positive attitude can assist your survival molly shows this throughout the film we are going home is an positive attitude why this is because this is the first time she really shows a positive attitude why because after she says we are going home daisy says “tracker gonna get us molly “ straight away molly tries to shut down any negative thought by saying “tracker not gonna get us “ Molly always tries to change the subject when one of the other girls makes a negative comment .Molly is a great example of a positive attitude can assist your survival and proves it because Molly makes it back home were  as Gracie has a negative attitude and doesn’t make it home



A person’s survival can be decided by their attitude this is shown throughout rabbit-proof fence with many examples from the  characters Molly having a positive attitude throughout the film leading the whole way and making all the right decisions compared to Gracie who 


Touching the void

In the text ’ touching the void’ by joe simpson  

joe and simon present to us  survival in the unscaled western face of siula grande in the peruvian andes. Joe shows us many aspects throughout the film one is that self encouragement can assist your survival. This is shown many times but the first time this is shown is when simon has cut off the rope and joe is by himself.He gives himself encouragement, how he does this is by his voice in his head , that tells him to keep going and by finding an object .He then  sets  a timer to see how long it takes him to get to the spot.

“the voice and the watch urged me into motion …..I kept moving … the voice told me to reach that point in half and hour . I obeyed. Sometimes I found myself slacking… I was told that I must reach the prescribe spot in time” his voice in his head motivates him throughout that time period .This shows that self encouragement and being positive can assist your survival when needed .

Another aspect shown throughout the text is that taking risks can affect whether you survive or not .This is shown by joe throughout the film but when this aspect stands out the most is when joe has just been cut off the rope by simon this is because joe takes a risk to go further into the curvas this could of had an negative impact on joe and he could’ve just keep going further into the crevasse. Joe knew this but decided to kept going and take a risk but instead he came out with a positive impact and found a way out .If he didn’t take this risk he would’ve of been stuck in the curvas and eventually would’ve  died (quote)


Touching the void can be compared to rabbit proof fence why because in both the film and text they take risks. In touching the void the reader see that joe is always taking risks especially when he goes further into the curvas if he hadn’t of done this he would’ve never made it out and given up.Therefore joe took a very big risk of going further into the curvas which ended up being the right thing to do . how this is shown in the film rabbit proof fence is with molly , daisy and gracie  leaving moore river why this was a  risk is because they could of been like the other children or like olive and been put in the’ boob ‘  when the were caught the” bob” is a locked tin shed which children are put into when they misbehave .The children at moore river  nickname the tin shed ‘boob ‘ because it is a place you don’t wanna be in  because children get smacked with whips and also the children waste product are tipped at the back of the shed this .molly daisy and gracie took a risk when they ran away they knew that if  the tracker caught them they would be in trouble and be put in the boob and be hit with a whip and be locked up but they took the risk anyway which ended up being positive therefore they got home if that hadn’t of taken the risk of leaving they would’ve never gotten home .


127 hours


In the film “ 127 hours “ by danny boyle, aron the main character shows his survival  story when his arm was trapped under a boulder and how he survived alone while canyoneering  in  moab ,utah .Aaron shows us many aspects throughout the film that ensured his survival .One aspect shown throughout the film is that your attitude can put you in a survival situation . Aron  showed a callous attitude. He disregards others and he shows this by not telling any 0ne where he is going which shows he doesn’t care .When his parents ring that night he doesn’t pick up the phone and he regrets this as now no one knows where he is apart from the girls he meets at the start . He says” if I would’ve  picked up the phone the other night to my parents they  would’ve known where I was “or if he  told  his worker where he was going he could’ve saved his arm or not of been in this situation he never thought that not picking up the phone or not  telling someone where he was going couldve put him in the situation .The situation  he is now is his own fault .


Another aspect he shows is that he has mental strength at the end of the film he shows this by cutting of his arms why he does this is because he doesn’t want to die alone he slowly cuts of his arm  putting  a band around the part of his arm that he can no longer feel so he can cut of the blood circulation , even for aron to think about cutting off his arm off shows he has mental strength, it takes him a while but in the end he ends up cutting  it from his elbow  he knows he will have to live with one arm but from him it means more to live now then .




Survival in the mountains


In the film’ survival in the mountains’ by john patterson

The two main cast show that you should always be prepared , when being in the outdoors other wise it can put you into a survival situation.This aspect is shown throughout the film, the first time it is shown is right at the start of the film when they don’t look at the weather forecast because there was a storm coming in and if they would’ve looked it up  the weather foward cast they could’ve changed the dates when they went tramping in himalayas  also they didn’t know there surrounding even though they have gone tramping before they should’ve been more careful and packed all the right gear for survival also one of the main characters that plays the wife ends up being able to make it back to the camp she was lucky enough that she came across the camp  therefore if they had of been prepared they would’ve  never been in this survival situation and a young boy wouldn’t of died .


The main characters have shown us many aspects through that you should use all the knowledge you have .this is first shown when a main character played as the dad builds a snow caves and makes sure they are also close when a tramping guide says give the blanket to the young boy because he is very sick the dad say no we should all share it from his knowledge he knows the boy will be more warmer if they are all share the blanket because of the body heat

Also when the wife leaves her husband in a cave to find the base camp she follows the river from her knowledge she  knows that if you follow a river down stream you will eventually come across mankind therefore when they used their knowledge they were able to come out of survive situations  


“Survival in the mountain “ can be compared to”touching the void”.When in survival in the mountain shows the tour guide and his son left the wife and the husband in the mountains they leave them for their own good so they can survive in the mountains why they do this is because they leave a young boy with them because he is dying and the husband has hurt his leg they know if they stay with them they would slow them down so they leave for their survival  .This can be compared to touching the void when Simon cuts of the rope from joe he does this for his own good so he can survive he doesn’t want to but he has to to be able to survive he .

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  1. Shaneil, in the first week of Term 4, you will be given time to finalise your “Significant Connections” assessment. Key areas to strengthen:
    1) Please read through your assessment carefully out loud, to find the punctuation (capital letters, full-stops and quotation marks), word, spelling and sentence errors. You need to tighten-up the accuracy of your assessment, overall.
    2) Not all of your evidence is needed to establish your points. Tighten your explanations overall by including two pieces of evidence with an explanation of the aspect of survival that you are discussing.
    3) Complete your comparisons of texts. Also, when making comparisons, stay on topic: not all of the information you have included in these “connections” between texts is relevant. The final lines of these comparative sections should clearly establish the connections that you are making.


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