17th August 2017

Now and Then

Now and then


My room is painted in pink from the walls to the curtains to the toys on the ground, a  typical 5-year-old girl’s room. There is too much pink, you can taste the colour. My 5-year-old self-talks to the fairies in the garden, dancing with them in my favorite pink fairy dress.The wings sprouting from the back and the bells at the end of my dress, make a rhythmic sound as I run around the garden. I have tea parties beside the trees with my favorite teddy bear and doll. After this jumping into the pool, I make a huge splash and I swim with the mermaids in the deep murky( pool, this seems to be favorite thing to do. At school, it’s not much different from writing stories in class about the magical castle and the princess that lives in it, to playing in the playground with my friends pretending the ground is lava .After school, you can hear the pitter patter as me and my friends sneak into the biscuit packet, chocolate running down the side of our cheeks as we sneakily run away.


My friends and I giggle as we leap into the pool.Holding hands, our rose,lavender spotty togs stand out like nothing. we tend to pretend to be Ariel and her friends and we swim around in circles and we chuckle as we do this. Scrambling out of the pool, freezing cold, our lips have turned a harsh violet colour.To warm up we lie on the stones pretending to be washed up mermaids.Finally warming up we run inside dancing to the newest princess’ movie song. Excitedly running over to my mom asking if they can stay the night, begging and pleading if they can,I whoop and woo, as they can stay.


We stay up late eating freshly popped popcorn, the smell whiffs throughout the house while watching our favorite movie Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper .We fight over who is which princess which ends up to become into an argument. At night we put the covers over our heads so the monsters under my bed can’t see us.I tell fairy tale stories to my friends about us living in a great big castles we tend to forget about these monsters and go into a dream word. I live in my own fairy tale world that I don’t want to leave But my older sister doesn’t seem to enjoy playing with my dolls she says she doesn’t believe in my fairy tale world.


But 10 years my room is painted in black and white from the walls to the curtains to the pillows on my bed, my toys are replaced with a pile of dirty clothes that should have been washed 2 weeks ago but never end up making it up to the washing room. I no longer enjoy playing in the garden with fairies I enjoy being out and about, skiing off cliffs in winter, hanging we friends. We go down to the lake on stuffy summery days, wearing my green binki it blends into my surroundings. At school it’s not much different I find the chemical reaction between two acids, I learn how to read music notes and I learn how to achieve and excel in all subject. I have become more reliable on myself since I was 5. My friend group is a lot smaller since then I have new friends and some of my old friends, we don’t play in the playground any more we sit and talk about school work and catch up on what we did that weekend.My friend and I like to hang out in the weekends and go out  for lunch, my favourite place tends to be the sushi restaurant down the road the first thing I can smell when I enter is the freshly made sushi a smell you can never quite forget. I no longer plead my mum  asking if they can stay the night I tell her, staying up late we end up becoming masters shifts at 3 in the mooring cooking anything to do with chocolate, seems to be the most regular flavour we like. Chocolate starts running down our face while watching the newest tv series, we stay up late binge watching until we finish a season laughing and hooked on we don’t seem to stop.


At night we talk and laugh at each other about how we where we 5 when, we were in a dream world and had no clue about the real world, we were oblivious until we reach a certain age. My fairy tale world is destroyed I no longer live there now but my  brother does he doesn’t seem to understand why I no longer want to play racer cars I tell him that I no longer believe in his fairy tale world.

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